Youtube To Mp3 API

High quality, fast youtube to mp3 api for.

Script integration API integration
Compatible with php/java/python

How this API works?

API allows you to check, if specific youtube video was converted on our servers. You can also schedule video for a conversion.
Calling api is as simple as sending GET request.
It can provide details such as:

    "status": "ok",
    "id": "7N8b3NZSJoY",
    "title": "Steve Jobs FUNNIEST moments (1978-2011)",
    "thumbnail": "https:\/\/\/vi\/7N8b3NZSJoY\/hqdefault.jpg",
    "length": 457,
    "artist": "EverySteveJobsVideo",
    "categories": "People & Blogs",
    "bitrate": "148",
    "average_rating": "4.917",
    "view_count": "539540",
    "progress": 100,
    "ready": true,
    "expires": 1468761047,
    "url": "\/\/\/download\/steve-jobs-funniest-moments-1978-2011.mp3?id=7N8b3NZSJoY&title=Steve+Jobs+FUNNIEST+moments+%281978-2011%29&t=1468746647&extra=a&h=2be5e2dc...",
    "video_url": "\/\/\/download\/video\/steve-jobs-funniest-moments-1978-2011.mp3?id=WQlIi1y1Ngs&title=Steve+Jobs+FUNNIEST+moments+%281978-2011%29&t=1468746647&extra=a&h=2be5e2dc..."
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