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(youtube url or id, make sure it is urlencoded)
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Copy This code to your website:

How to integrate a Popup?
    <script src="//"></script>
First of all you need to include javascript file in your page header. This library was made as small as possible and it will not impact your page load time.
Optional: You can download script from the following location and store it on your own server.

<a href="//"
   onClick="return YoutubeMp3Script(this)">
    Download MP3

When script is added, you can add as many youtube to mp3 download links as you want. You only need to edit following attribute:
YOUTUBE_ID - set youtube video id or encoded youtube url.

<a href="//" onClick="return YoutubeMp3Script(this)">Download MP3</a>

Example with encoded youtube url:

<a href="//"
   onClick="return YoutubeMp3Script(this)">
    Download MP3

Try it: Download MP3

Note - is encoded youtube url of
You can use this tool, to encode url online:
Or use php urlencode function on serverside

Can I integrate it simpler?

Yes! You can skip all the scripts and let users download with a simple link.

<a href="//">Download MP3</a>

YOUTUBE_ID - set youtube video id or encoded youtube url here

You can also open link in a new tab by adding target="_blank" attribute.

<a href="//" target="_blank">Download MP3</a>

Can I use Youtube To MP3 API?

API allows you to check, if specific youtube video was converted on our servers. You can also schedule video for a conversion.
Calling api is as simple as sending GET request.
It can provide details such as:

    "status": "ok",
    "id": "7N8b3NZSJoY",
    "title": "Steve Jobs FUNNIEST moments (1978-2011)",
    "thumbnail": "https:\/\/\/vi\/7N8b3NZSJoY\/hqdefault.jpg",
    "length": 457,
    "artist": "EverySteveJobsVideo",
    "categories": "People & Blogs",
    "bitrate": "148",
    "average_rating": "4.917",
    "view_count": "539540",
    "progress": 100,
    "ready": true,
    "expires": 1468761047,
    "url": "\/\/\/download\/steve-jobs-funniest-moments-1978-2011.mp3?id=7N8b3NZSJoY&title=Steve+Jobs+FUNNIEST+moments+%281978-2011%29&t=1468746647&extra=a&h=2be5e2dc...",
    "video_url": "\/\/\/download\/video\/steve-jobs-funniest-moments-1978-2011.mp3?id=WQlIi1y1Ngs&title=Steve+Jobs+FUNNIEST+moments+%281978-2011%29&t=1468746647&extra=a&h=2be5e2dc..."

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